Burning matches, lifting latches

Sleep is my escape. I walked home from UPenn after my night class and thought about all the places I’ve been in life and how lucky I am to have had such adventures. Though I will settle for nothing less than adventure at this point. 

Today my computer crashed right in the middle of my powerpoint about the food web. I wrote a girl up for throwing an egg mcmuffin on the floor and not picking it up. I played review bingo with my freshmen which was amazing cos they have to shut up to hear me. I admit I want to stretch out my speaking just to hear silence, to not yell. I danced a little like an extreme 50 year old nerd to the jeopardy theme song. They were moved into a disturbed laughter. I think tomorrow I’ll just write “version A” and “version b” on the same exams cos I’m too tired to make another version and grade another version on top of it. 

I’m looking forward to my intro to the food web where I get to stand on a chair and announce “the sun has arrived!” and throw balls of yarn at appropriate organism representatives. It’s bound to go wrong in some brand new way. I’ll keep you posted.

So many moments in my class where I am like “Wow, I am, like, your teacher.” Sure I’ll save y’all from this pretend fire–

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